Software Development
App development is just basic 1's and 0's, with a little coffee added in

Being able to manage your resources – whether it’s money, people, or time – becomes so much more important to small business owners. A custom software solution properly designed to fit your needs can increase your efficiency and propel your business to deliver more goods / services at a faster rate.

What We Deliver

We utilize the agile / scrum development methodology to deliver working software frequently - from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. This iterative and incremental development process means we develop software in short cycles. By completing small vertical slices of functionality we are able to produce a working piece of the total solution at the end of each iteration. We remain agile throughout the entire process which allows for us to quickly respond to changing requirements, even later on in development. The following are some of the technologies we utilize in developing custom software solutions.

Microsoft .Net is a platform technology that allows for object-oriented development. It provides a design surface and hundreds of controls and components to assist in rapidly building powerful and robust solutions.

Microsoft SQL Server, a comprehensive database server and information platform, offers enterprise-ready tools and technologies with high levels of performance, availability, and security.

DevExpress offers a WinForms Controls & Libraries toolset that is optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory use. And, this is all delivered without sacrificing any features or functionality.

Why Paragon9?

Paragon9 has a proven track record of delivering custom software applications that enhance the way our clients do business. As a business owner, your ability to create an efficient environment can either be a major key to your success or a major obstacle. We create enterprise level software applications that solve your complex business problems.

Affordable Solutions

We offer professional, high quality software development services to fit the needs of your business and your budget. The next step is yours, call us today and let Paragon9 customize a software solution to fit your needs. Design, Develop, Support, that’s what we do.

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