Mobile Websites
Mobilize your web presence, don't be a flip phone

Mobile is all the rave right now. More and more people are now starting to browse the web on their mobile devices. With mobile devices and technologies re-shaping the way people interact and conduct business, most businesses realize they need to adapt in order to just remain competitive. Let Paragon9 help you embrace the mobile revolution with a custom designed mobile website that will enhance your user’s mobile browsing experience.

What We Deliver

With the latest mobile web technologies, we can create stunning mobile websites that rival the user experience you would expect to get with native mobile applications.

HTML5, supported by all major mobile browsers, allows for offline caching and for multimedia and graphical content to be integrated into the web without using third party plugins such as Adobe® Flash®.

CSS3, also supported by all major mobile browsers, allows for more to be accomplished with less code. Many new features of CSS3 help satisfy high media demands as well as provide a solid separation between code and design.

jQuery Mobile helps give vistors a rich user experience by providing smooth transitions and animations on the client-side. Instead of writing native apps for each unique mobile device or OS, jQuery mobile allows us to design a single website or web application for you that will reach all popular mobile devices.

Why Paragon9?

We take the time to fully understand your needs. With mobile devices being used in so many facets of our lives, you need a developer who understands the complex platforms and technologies used to deliver powerful mobile website experiences.

Affordable Prices

We offer professional high quality solutions to fit the needs of your business and your budget. Request a consult today and let Paragon9 customize a mobile solution to fit your needs.

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