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Mobile App Development
Place your app in the pockets of your customers

It's the mobile apps that make mobile devices so great and popular. They are the interface through which users interact with the device. Let Paragon9 help you embrace the mobile app revolution with a custom developed mobile solution that will both mobilize and enhance your brand experience.

What We Deliver

Mobile Phones We custom develop mobile applications to streamline the way you engage your customers and conduct business on mobile devices. We deliver mobile business solutions directly to your smartphones and tablets. Here are the platforms we currently develop on:

Windows App and Windows Phone Development - Publish your Windows App in the Windows Store.

Android Development - Publish your Android App on Google Play.

iPhone and iPad Development - Publish your iOS App to Apple's App Store.

Development Tools

We use leading-edge mobile development tools to rapidly develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, at virtually the same time.

DevExpress DevExtreme - Create highly responsive, multi-channel web apps for mobile devices and desktops.

Xamarin Platform - Develop native Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile apps, using C# and Visual Studio.

Why Paragon9?

We take the time to fully understand your needs. With mobile devices used in so many facets of our lives, you need a developer who understands the complex platforms and technologies used to deliver powerful mobile applications. Design, Develop, Support, that’s what we do.

Affordable Prices

We offer professional high quality mobile solutions to fit the needs of your business and your budget. Request a consult today and let Paragon9 customize a mobile solution to fit your needs.

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